Sherese Bishop

Enterprise Security in today’s world

I just attended a really good panel discussion on Cyber Security presented jointly by the Institute for Corporate Governance at UT Dallas’ Jindal School of Management and DFW Tech Titans. There were many thought-provoking contributions, but I thought the following would be of interest to almost anyone interested in Cyber Security. Security, especially Data Security …

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AI-driven Security for the Healthcare Industry

AI-driven data security has been enhanced to protect medical devices, with additional features that include: Tamper-proof security that does not increase the device cost Security for simple 1¢ RFID tags up to the most complex medical devices Field-upgradeable protection without the need to bother patients Real-time alerts when hacking attempts are detected

National Counterintelligence Strategy Released

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) released the 2020 National Counterintelligence Strategy. It emphasizes the need to defend against foreign operations aimed at taking down critical infrastructure.  The Strategy focuses on five objectives: Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure Reduce Threats to Key U.S. Supply Chains Counter the Exploitation of the U.S. Economy Defend American …

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Which Data Security Story Ending Do You Prefer?

Here’s how this story starts: According to Microsoft, the new quantum computers will solve problems in 100 seconds that would take a classical computer one billion years. That’s not a typo! This new computing power puts today’s encryption-based data security at risk because its premise is based on math being ‘difficult.’

A Turning Point in Cybersecurity

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting posted an article titled “Why 2020 is a turning point for cybersecurity”. It outlined that with technology such as the emergence of 5G networks and breakthroughs with quantum computing it will re-shape cyber-risks in 2020.

Documents & Databases

Kloke was given some use cases from another company that wanted to understand the process of how Kloke handles Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and consumer data. This data was broken into two categories: Documents & Databases. The full use case can be downloaded below: Documents (Word, Excel, email, attachments, reports, briefs) …

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