Prevent a SolarWinds-type attack with Kloke Zero-Trust+™

If they can’t find your data, they can’t steal it.

If they can’t find your data, they can’t steal it.

At Kloke, everything we do challenges how data is secured.

We deliver AI-driven tools that empower governments, companies and people to re-gain control of their data security.

84% of people re-think engaging with businesses hit by data breach.

Ransomware cannot be 100% prevented, but there is a way to defeat it.

What is Kloke?

Banks protect credit cards using security that has never been broken.
Kloke extends this security to all data at risk.

Threat intelligence reports data at risk

Business agility automatically gets stronger

Zero trust secures data until users authenticate

Business transformation from on prem to the cloud

Cyber resilience protects against corrupted backups

How is Kloke different?

Kloke is based on where data is stored and who can access it. If attackers cannot find the data, they cannot compromise it — even with infinite computing power.

Who is Kloke for?

Kloke is agnostic and protects all types of data.

40% would pay more for products and services from businesses they perceived as being secure.

Relax–You’re Covered.

Kloke has a data security solution perfect for your enterprise.

Average cost of a data breach:

$8.19 million

Average cost of a data breach:

$8.19 million

Seeing is Believing.

Contact us for a demonstration of how Kloke secures data.