National Counterintelligence Strategy Released

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) released the 2020 National Counterintelligence Strategy. It emphasizes the need to defend against foreign operations aimed at taking down critical infrastructure. 

The Strategy focuses on five objectives:

  • Protect the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure
  • Reduce Threats to Key U.S. Supply Chains
  • Counter the Exploitation of the U.S. Economy
  • Defend American Democracy against Foreign Influence
  • Counter Foreign Intelligence Cyber and Technical Operations  

Threat actors have an increasingly sophisticated set of intelligence capabilities at their disposal and are employing them in new ways to target the United States. The global availability of technologies with intelligence applications—such as biometric devices, unmanned systems, high resolution imagery, enhanced technical surveillance equipment, advanced encryption, and big data analytics—and the unauthorized disclosures of U.S. cyber tools have enabled a wider range of actors to obtain sophisticated intelligence capabilities previously possessed only by wellfinanced intelligence services. These technologies have opened up new opportunities for adversaries to use information as a strategic resource in achieving their economic security aims, and exert leverage over their competitors.

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