Documents & Databases

Kloke was given some use cases from another company that wanted to understand the process of how Kloke handles Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and consumer data. This data was broken into two categories: Documents & Databases. The full use case can be downloaded below:

Documents (Word, Excel, email, attachments, reports, briefs)
•Provides the maximum control at the field level while making each field data breach-safe, ransomware-safe, quantum computer-safe, and GDPR/CCPA-safe.
•Individually fields are identified programmatically or manually.
•Each field has its own security, rules, permissions, and owner.
•Each can be cut and pasted into other documents.
•No matter where the field ends up, its security, rules, permissions, and owner remain the same.

Databases (borrower data, HR records)
•This is column-level control for data breach-safe, ransomware-safe, quantum computer-safe, and GDPR/CCPA-safe at the table column level (although individual fields in a record can still be processed differently).
•This can be controlled in the app (using Kloke APIs) or within the database.

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