A Turning Point in Cybersecurity

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting posted an article titled “Why 2020 is a turning point for cybersecurity“. It outlined that with technology such as the emergence of 5G networks and breakthroughs with quantum computing it will re-shape cyber-risks in 2020. To address these risks, the article states “leaders should avail themselves of new knowledge, processes, and tools to ensure responsible use of data and organizational resilience”. The strategy includes finding the right partners to defend innovation and progress. However, as collaboration grows in these efforts, so will parallel processes on a global level that can conclude with divergent views on how these issues should be approached. One thing is clear, laws and regulations will increase. With the development of new technologies, the cyber-risk will be exacerbated affecting business, government, and individuals. 2020 is an opportunity for all entities to collaborate on a global level to adopt better strategies and “to build a more secure, more resilient and more trusted digital world.”

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